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Infoshield Advanced Search

Using Advanced Search

Use advanced search to filter for specific types of antiques business. Select a category, town or county, and postcode in any combination, also enter keyword(s) if desired  separated by commas. To use the postcode and radius, enter the postcode and , click the address which appears which will move it to the field above, Select the Radius icon and then the range that you want (5 to 50 miles) and your search combination will be modulated by this distance. You will be able to return to modify your search as many times as you wish.


Why Advanced Search

As the database contains thousands of entries it is often necessary to apply filters to achieve a more focussed result. If you are looking for an entry within a specific category but covering a speciality service then adding a keyword will filter the results appropriately. Equally if you are planning a trip and want find places to visit then using postcde and radius would be advantageous. There are multiple possibilities in how this facility can be used but please contact us if you have any suggestions about how we can improve it.

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