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If you are involved in antiques and collectibles as either a service provider, dealer or private individual you need accurate reliable information about auction houses, antique centres, dealers, and specialist services. Infoshield provides information about antiques related businesses across the UK. with search capabilities for  locating and contacting antiques linked resources.


  Click the image to search all of Infoshield just using keywords into the search box, for example you could enter a city, county, town or a business name and get references across all  categories.

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As we continually add to our databases, please use our site when you are looking for antiques related businesses and services. We will be introducing new features all relating to antiques and would welcome any suggestions about how we can  improve. Please use the contact form if you would like to comment.

Use the buttons to access the advanced search page and locate auction houses,antique centres, dealers and specialist services. It provides a focussed search facility as well as a post code related search with a variable radius.